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Stevens Creek Trail Benefits in your Neighborhood

Trails Improve Safety

When trails are built safety improves for bicyclists and pedestrians. Studies show that trails provide safe recreation and alternative transportation routes without causing an increase in crime: “This survey finds that the Brush Creek Trail does not cause an increase in crime.1Homes immediately adjacent to the (Burke-Gilman) trail did not experience an increase in burglaries and vandalism as a result of the trail.2

Trails Increase Property Values

More homebuyers are looking for nearby recreational amenities and alternative transportation options. “... being closer to the Little Miami Scenic Trail adds value to the single family residential properties.3... along the suburban Lafayette/Moraga Trail, the majority of owners felt the presence of the trail would make their properties sell more easily and at increased values.4

Trails Improve the Neighborhood

Perhaps the most overwhelming opinion by residents along the Brush Creek Trail is that the trail/creek has a positive effect on the quality of life in the neighborhood.5Almost two-thirds of the residents felt the (Burke-Gilman) trail increased the quality of life in the neighborhood. Two of the residents surveyed indicated that they had been leaders in the group opposing the trail, and that they now believe the trail is the best thing that has happened to the neighborhood.6 Buzz Dean, a former opponent of the Stevens Creek Trail link to Sleeper Ave in Mountain View, said “It's worth it. It's turned out to be a huge asset.7

Trails Increase Connections

Trails connect neighbors to neighbors; neighborhoods to work sites, shopping, parks, and entertainment; and humans to nature. The majority of trail users are local residents - kids going to school and neighbors hiking, jogging, or walking their dogs.

Trails Reduce Traffic & Pollution

Safe bicycle and pedestrian routes decrease the need for local residents to use their cars, especially around schools. By reducing our dependence on the automobile, we reduce pollution and increase our physical and mental health at the same time.

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7 Neighbor Buzz Dean comments on Stevens Creek Trail