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Where is Stevens Creek?

Stevens Creek is one of the most natural creeks in the San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning on the flanks of Black Mountain in the Santa Cruz Mountains, it flows through Stevens Canyon and then through Cupertino, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View, on its way to join the San Francisco Bay.

In Santa Clara County and in Cupertino, Stevens Creek flows northeast from the 1000-acre Stevens Creek County Park, through Deep Cliff Golf Course, McClellan Ranch Park, and Blackberry Farm Golf Course. From there the Creek forms the border between Los Altos and Sunnyvale. In Mountain View it runs roughly parallel to Highway 85 until it reaches Highway 101 where it flows into the Bay between Moffett Field to the south and Shoreline Park to the north. The total length of Stevens Creek is more than 20 miles.

Stevens Creek is named after Capt. Elisha Stephens, one of the early settlers of Cupertino.

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