Mountain View Trail Status

Mountain View Reach 4 Segment 1

If you have driven past the crossing of highways 85 and 237 in the past few months, you may have noticed and wondered about the construction going on there. This is the birth of Reach 4, Segment 1, the next extension of the Stevens Creek Trail in Mountain View and a beautiful event to witness. This 0.4 mile section will extend the trail from its current ending at Landels School to Yuba Drive off of El Camino Real. Completion and opening of this trail section is expected in summer of 2002.

This seems like a short section of trail, yet it is very important and challenging. Several section of the trail will be built as cantilever supported boardwalks with a magnificent view of the creek below. And, although only about 0.4 miles long, to get between those points today, without the trail, is a 3 times longer trip on the roads.

In May, workers began clearing brush and grading near the onramp to southbound highway 85 from 237 in Mountain View

Mountain View Reach 4 Segment 2

Since our last newsletter, great progress has been made towards getting Reach 4 Segment 2 built in Mountain View. In June, Mountain View City Council unanimously passed a 7 part motion which approved the Stevens Creek Trail Reach 4, Segment 2 draft feasibility study, endorsed the proposed alignment, endorsed 3 west side and 2 east side access points, and recommended opening each sub-segment as completed. They also directed staff to complete a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and to emphasize fire protection in the EIR and trail design.

This was followed in early August with a City Council approval of $120,000 funding for preparation of the EIR and selection of a consultant to perform the EIR.

In case you don't recall, Reach 4 Segment 2 will pickup where Segment 1 leaves off at Yuba Drive and extend the trail to Mountain View High School at the southern border. This will be about a 1.7 mile increase to the trail length, tie in to 2 schools, and provide 5 new neighborhood access points. Mountain View continues to be a shining example to other cities of how to get trails built for the benefit of its citizens.