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The Friends of Stevens Creek Trail promotes
community pride and involvement in the
completion, enhancement, and enjoyment of the
Stevens Creek Trail and Wildlife Corridor.

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Draft Stevens Creek Feasibility Study Report now available for review!

The long awaited Feasibility Study looking at closing the gap in the Stevens Creek Trail between Mountain View and Cupertino is now available on the Sunnyvale website for public review and comment.

Information is also there about a series of public meetings in late May and early June that will provide a forum for public comments about the study. People can attend any of the three identical meetings, being held in three different locations to make them more convenient. The group is asking that all comments also be submitted in written form for inclusion in the final study - by email is encouraged.

We encourage you to take a look at the report and submit your comments, supporting completion of the trail and with your preferences for your favorite alignment choice. There is no guarantee that anything will be built, so overwhelming public support will crucial!

The Creek The Trail The Friends Trailblazer 2014 was
Sunday 28 September 2014

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